A couple years ago, I was given a task: write an essay for a college application. I did not want to do this, I fought it tooth and nail. Maybe that's why this essay is really cheesy. Maybe that's why Carnegie Mellon accepted me into the school, but not the computer engineering department. Hmmm...
Throughout my life I have been fascinated with computers. In my childhood, I played video games, learned programming in BASIC on Apples, and used our 286 for game-playing and other applications. I have also enjoyed problem–solving activities. Through my participation in the Odyssey of the Mind and Governor’s Summer Institute programs, I have been able to pursue an interest in creatively solving a variety of problems, by exploring and evaluating alternative solutions. A career in computer engineering offers me the opportunity to combine both of these interests.

A major in computer engineering offers me several advantages over a major in computer science. Computer engineers follow an engineering–based curriculum, better preparing them for a problem-oriented approach. Additionally, a typical computer engineering curriculum concentrates more on the hardware component of computers. In the course of my search for a college, I noted that nearly every school offers a degree in computer science. However, only one tenth of them offer computer engineering, and among these schools, Carnegie Mellon has shown a significant financial commitment to an excellent faculty and cutting-edge technology. During my recent visit, I was impressed by innovative facilities such as the Virtual Lab. I believe that Carnegie Mellon is the best place for me to prepare for a career in computer engineering.

Computer engineers comprise the fastest growing branch of engineers. They graduate into excellent jobs in one of the world’s most promising future industries. Computers have radically transformed today’s society, and I look forward to being a part of this continuing change.

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