Chronicle-ing my cholumns


It is a little known fact [In that nobody keeps track of small newspapers from a decade ago] that I used to write for the Northwestern Chronicle, NU's 'conservative' newspaper--you know, as opposed to more mainstream Daily Northwestern. I had a column; it was called the CyberChronicle and featured computers and technology-related issues that I found interesting. In theory. Anyway, my stint as a columnist lasted a lot longer than my ideas for the column, note that the last few are particularly awful.

Personally, I think most of them are quite dreadful, but hey, I'm no writer, I just like computers.

Here they are then, some of the CyberChronicles penned by me, in not really chronological order.

The last CyberChronicle?: It was supposed to be.
Beware the Beanies: This may have been the first.
Kiosks, kiosks everywhere: Watch cynicism rear its ugly head.
A cool computer: A chilling thought.
The pursuit of niftiness: Why I should not be a columnist.
Email? Private? Bah.: A short take on email security.
Winamp cheaters: Ranting about shareware.
Freshman of the Future: Bleak? Maybe. Prophetic? Naah.
Getting paid for surfing the web: Woo hoo! I do this.