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Everything in this section had a purpose, i.e. nothing here was created just for sheer enjoyment. Some of the texts in here are school homeworks, or assignments for publications. Others are things that had to be done.

Even now I have a veritable treasure trove of my old writings, from grade school short stories to high school term papers and sarcastic newspaper columns. I intend to post all of them here, eventually.

Bear in mind that nothing here is exactly Pulitzer caliber writing; in fact some of it isn't very good at all. But I get a good laugh at much of it.

Nuclear power: Safer than peanut butter: It really is! The last term paper I wrote for high school.
Contact?: A short, science fiction story from sixth grade.
Untitled and Unfinished: A short, simple look at noir by me back in grade school.
College essay #1: A feeble attempt to get into Carnegie Mellon.
College essay #2: The virtues of failure.
College essay #3: On the discovery of division.

Senioritis?: Probably the zaniest paper ever written about Russian nationalism.
More senioritis?: Not as good as that one above, but another stab at Russian Modernism and paper-writing.
Shadows and stuff: First of a couple quick ditties about German films.
Throw it all out: Second of the film papers.
The political body vs. the body politic: Not from my senior year, but definitely showing symptoms.
College-caliber storytelling?: A fable retold.
A pertinent petition for possible punctuations: A 'humor' article from my freshman year.
Old Chronicle columns
Poems, poems, poems: Collected over many years.