8 August 2004

(something clever about doors)

I don't like to fail.

I mean, nobody does, but still it bugs me, a lot.

Today's failure was in trying to install a screen door. The one we have now sticks and doesn't close very smoothly. Moreover the plastic clips that hold the glass or screen in break easily.

So when our neighbor offered us a brand new screen door, we mulled it over and took it.

Oh, the humanity! Of course I measured it first, and it seemed like it would fit.

Well, the door's about 3/8" smaller than the existing one. That in itself probably isn't a problem, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The side "Z-bars" are too tall for my opening, so I needed a hacksaw to trim them down. Scott said he had one, and he happened to be dropping by today to pick up a pair of two-person passes to a screening of Princess diaries II: Electric boogaloo that Jessica and I managed to score at a recent neighborhood picnic.

I expect a full report, Scott. And sorry, Carina for borrowing Andrew Bird for so long.

Andrew Bird, for the uninitiated, is a really cool D-I-Y musician who does it all himself. The album was well-put-together but I guess I missed out on the whole bit of his live show.

Enter the newly-expanded Internet Archive, with its audio stuff. Check out IA's collection of his shows. It's worth checking out.

Myself, I'm digging the M. Doughty stuff.

But back to the door stuff. I cut the frame to fit, with a Meijer hacksaw, and still just couldn't get things working. I spent another half hour reinstalling the old door, and then vegged out for the rest of the evening playing Burnout on the PS2. The game's pretty fun, especially for five bucks.

It sure beats reinstalling a stupid door.

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