27 May 2003

silly, silly me

So I had this brilliant idea for how I could solve not one, but two problems that aren't important issues at all. First of all, I like to listen to music at work, but my computer's CD drive clicks and makes a lot of noise. So listening to my CDs and mp3CDs is right out. I tried out internet radio, settled on a playlist of about ten shoutcast streams, and still wasn't happy. I was spending too much time switching channels, as it were. That's "problem" number one. "Problem" number two—warranting quotes because neither is life-threatening—is a backlog of music I haven't heard, primarily in mp3 form. Can you believe that it took me a week to realize the solution?

I made a private shoutcast server. I culled some other tools, namely Oddcast, and mistakenly set the bitrate to 160kbps. Which is very close to CD quality, but also huge. Each song necessitates streaming around five megabytes, so you can imagine the stats I'd be running up for downloads. I want to get the attention of the I.T. department, but not that way. Oh, and the bitrate's too high—it skips.

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