20 September 2003

sample hunters

Here's an interesting site: A comprehensive guide to samples and references in Paul's Boutique. Comprehensive it is, but only for that one album. I envision a site encompassing all music but covering it in just as much detail. Wouldn't that be really cool?

This is no simple idea, though — I've put a little thought into this. It would be called Sample Hunter and its logo would be recognizably similar to Steve Irwin's but not enough to be illegal or un-hip. Users would not just suggest samples, they'd put bounties on them. Each bounty would be worth more sample requests, and some samples would be worth more than others. A couple spoken words in the background of a Beck deep cut would fetch a higher bounty than, say, the backing track to "Ice ice baby" (David Bowie and Queen, "Under pressure", I know). Redeeming bounties would allow the hunter to place new bounties and enjoy other privileges I have yet to determine.

Would such an idea work? I know I'd lurk it definitely and maybe even fill in some samples. Just an idea, though. I don't have the web space to actually implement anything. Yet.

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