21 August 2004

party like its 1997

All of my CDs are packed up in boxes still. I plan to build some shelves soon so that I can have all five or seven hundred of them out (I no longer know how many I have) and accessible, but I'm in no real rush. At work I've been using Last.fm, playing bits and pieces of my music collection as well as the occasional recommendation, and I'm pretty happy with it. I created a bogus profile specifically for my playlist. I haven't listened to music logged in under it yet, so it's untainted by other people's tracks. It's all mine.

You see, Last.fm does this interesting thing whereby they stream you the music liked by the people who like what you like. If that sounds too confusing, you can just donate a small sum of money to them and be able to listen to specific people's music, including your own. So I made /codger and threw in the four-hundred songs that sounded appropriate, mostly whole albums at a time. I've had some minor difficulties adding to it while listening under my real account, but that's probably the price I pay for trying to subvert the system. If you wish to do the same, or just to listen to my everyday music mix, give it a spin.

Anyway, two of the artists in my playlist are Cake and Prodigy (or I suppose I should say "The Prodigy"). Years ago, I'd have picked Cake to be my favorite band and Prodigy to be a rather promising artist. In the intervening time Cake's released some two or three albums, and burned out two or three band members, whereas the Prodigy folks did, well, not much at all. I bought Liam's Dirtchamber sessions album, but that was at a time I was particularly susceptible to mix albums.

Oddly enough, by some odd coincidence both groups are soon to be releasing another album. I don't know if I should be excited or not. If I pre-order the new Cake disc I apparently can get a super secret bonus extreme limited edition three track disc, but to do so I need to throw some money at Sony. Thirteen bucks plus shipping, in fact, and it's been a long time since I paid thirteen bucks for a CD.

For that matter, it's been probably since I bought Dirtchamber, and then I think I'd ordered it to get the super secret special digipack edition or something like that. Whatever reason it was, I should've waited since I've seen it many times since used for less than half of what I'd paid, but such is life when one wants to live on the cutting edge of washed-up electronica.

Then again, I do have a birthday approaching. Maybe I could leverage that.

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  • 22 August 2004 @ 3:30pm | Rebecca

    I've been using Yahoo's personalized radio since they started it. I generally like it, although this last year they've been gradually taking away most of the free features.

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