17 April 2003

a tree rolling on the road

So let's hit the ground running. Let me tell you about myself: I work for a big clothes company, but without using my expensive degree; I drive a midsize sedan and really dislike SUVs and everything they represent; I'm married and I wash all the dishes but none of the clothes; I have a Dreamcast but want a PS2, and I watch a whole lot of movies and read even more books.

Speaking of SUVs, today one lumbered out in front of me at a good half the speed limit, drove half a block and then sloooowly turned left through a red light that had just changed from yellow. I use the word 'lumbered' as the vehicle in question was the massive Toyota Sequoia, which is very aptly named. As for its tortoise pace, I am baffled as it amply proclaims a V8 engine on the rear (and I'm sure elsewhere as well), which is easily twice my car's motor.

What's the point of all the extra text on cars, anyway? The driver/buyer presumably knows what features the vehicle has, and the rest of us shouldn't care. How many tons of plastic and metal plating are wasted every year just so everybody knows that Mr. Jones has not just any Camry, but a Camry LE, I wonder.

17 April 2003

blogging can be contagious, I guess

Putting ketchup together (and keeping it up-to-date, so far) was as just fun as I'd thought... and different. My self-imposed rules dictated a distant and impersonal but just slightly colloquial style, meaning I didn't want to use too many "Me"s and "My"s and no "You"s at all.

While this writing style works for a catalog of bookmarks, it tends to limit the contents of the blog. I've had my 'hot thots' page for a long time, but that evolved (and plateau-ed) into a list of pseudo profundities and 'Confucius-say'-caliber comments. Again, not quite the forum for a diary-ish entry.

So, since I've already got a smokin' copy of Movable Type installed, I thought I'd just throw up a new blog for observations and rants. And to be clever, I named it "fine whine", obviously a pun—of sorts. Of course the couple is usually wine and cheese, but to be creative I'm going with 'ketchup' and 'fine whine'.

All of this rambling surely makes no sense to you. And did I mention I hardly ever use ketchup? And even more rarely drink wine?

But I've got a lot of bookmarks to go through to catch up, and even more whining that I can do.