23 April 2003

I couldn't have heard this right

I must be mistaken, but I could've sworn that I heard the loop from "Amnesia" by Chumbawamba backing up a Furniture Outlet commercial?! What would an anarchist collective/band have to do with a capitalist outlet store? Although if there's money involved the Chumbawambans could claim some sort of irony or spite, I suppose. Then again, I'm likely imagining things.

22 April 2003


Occasionally searching Google at random can cause happiness after all. I just discovered that Plan 9 has apparently picked up the rights to the brilliant comic strip "Robotman" by Jim Meddick, and intends to reprint all the old books starting this month! Seeing as the current editions go for fifty bucks and up right now (my copy of CyberPunkTrek, the middle one of the three, cost me a whole five dollars, after all) this news makes me very happy indeed.

21 April 2003

strange rumblings... or is that just my stomach?

I just finished reading Gary (K?) Wolf's 1981 book Who censored Roger Rabbit?, which, I have to admit was quite good, if not almost completely different from the film we all loved (1988's Who framed Roger Rabbit?), which recently was re-released on dvd. It's a competent detective novel with one foot firmly rooted in the first-person tradition, and the other foot waaaay outside the lines in a cartoon limbo.

So anyway, I'm trying to track down a URL for the guy, and discover two surprising facts. First, there is (or was) a WFRR sequel in pretty serious development... and now it's in development hell, likely to never even see the light of day as a straight-to-video. Admittedly the gee-whiz aspect of cartoons and people together on the screen has lost a lot of its punch in these days of Jar-Jar Binks and his CGI ilk, but the ideas in the film and book were original enough to have given me second thought renting a sequel. The other fact concerns Disney's dealings with Mr. Wolf, as apparently in February it was decided that The Mouse could get away with screwing Gary out of his share of money from the film and its abundant merchandising. First they edited out the racier footage from the movie, and they tried to screw the guy out of his money? He created the characters and had the idea after all. Something doesn't quite smell right with the whole thing.

Oh, and if anybody wants to see the unedited version (complete with Baby Herman 'fingering' a very surprised dame), drop by some time and watch it on my laserdisc player. Old technology *does* have its uses, apparently.

20 April 2003


So what is it that keeps me awake at night? Is it my grand schemes? There's always another page, or chapter, or book that I can read. I have a movie backlog probably around a hundred, spread over my laserdiscs, DVDs and tapes off of TV.

There's always the Great American Novel I should start writing. I could be writing code for this website. I have links that I need to blog for ketchup so that I can stay caught up. Emails that have been typed in my head over and over won't get sent 'til I input and submit them. There are people I ought to write to, messages I should have sent months or years ago.

I've got conversations that I could rehearse in my head even more exhaustively. I could call people up, wake them and converse. My resume and the help wanted pages almost cry out loud to me. As to my dirty dishes, though they cry out in a non-verbal fashion detected more by the nose than the ears.

I wrote a poem somewhat about this once...

It's easier on TV

It's easier on TV

the hero smiles

no worries about taxes

or mortgage payments

or missed appointments

or airplanes crashing

or broccoli in his teeth

or feet in his mouth

or starving children

or dying relatives

or rush hour traffic

or noisy appliances

or paperwork due yesterday

or bumps in the night

or bumps in the road

or flat tires

or dirty laundry

or hour wages

or paper cuts

or alarms slept through

or obligations forgotten

or performance declines

or oil changes

or oil prices changing

or stubbed toes

or burnt toast

or stuffy nose

or worries in his head

when he goes to bed

the TV hero sleeps

soundly; I am no hero

(You can find this and more of my cheesy poetry here).

So, is it too much stuff on my mind? Or is it just too stuffy and I have to pee?