12 May 2003

more coincidence, by golly

Not so long ago I wrote a little ditty about coincidences and chance, specifically the chance that I'd be watching a movie (Requiem for a dream) written by the favorite author of Andy Kaufman (Hubert Selby, Jr.), a pseudo-biography (Was this man a genius? by Julie Hecht) I'd read and returned to the library to pick up the closest Selby book to Andy's favorite (The demon). Well, at the time it seemed pretty interesting a coincidence.

And now I discover that all the time this was going on I had been seeking a track sampled from/remixed from Requiem's soundtrack! By sheer chance, I was trying to track down "Zoo York" by Paul Oakenfold, off of his studio and collaboration album Bunkka. You see, I'd come across another album track, "Nixon's Spirit", featuring a rant by the one and only Hunter S. Thompson, whilst looking for the audiobook edition of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Further, but limited, research into the album revealed the possibility that "Zoo York" also featured H.S.T. and this was enough to pique my interest.

Anyway, to make an already long story longer, I've now sat through "Zoo York". It's pretty cool. The whole album is, for that matter, despite some missteps in the collaborators department and occasionally too much trancing, quite cool. My disappointment in the lack of H.S.T. in "Zoo York" was to be replaced with first curiousity and then the current state in which I began this post. As though there were no offbeat lyrics, there was something else, a symphonic riff at first I could not place except from recent memory. Then I realized it to be a theme from Requiem, and that was just too cool.

So here I gush like some ecstasy-crazed dj fan. Whatever. I like finding these sorts of convergences. And for the curious, the track's actually a remix of the Requiem track "Lux Aeterna", part of a dance remix project that never materialized otherwise. And to take it all one step further, evidently Oakenfold sampled Clint Mansell, who in turn had sampled from a song "Quarbani Quarbani" with Bollywood connections I'm still tracking down.

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