15 November 2004

from the deep depths of my memory

I was sifting through my CDs tonight and a little tidbit about me popped back into my mind. Before I was attempting to write things down I did a lot of things that remain mostly forgotten until a moment like this, where something just pops back into my head.

Anyway, my freshman year in college was a big one for me, at least when you look at my CD collection. That year I'm pretty sure I continued the yearly doubling of my CD collection.

I'm serious. I went from having about fifteen at the end of my freshman year of high school, to about thirty the next year, to just over sixty, to just over 120 at the end of high school. Those last two numbers come to mind readily as that year I somehow won two matching 60 CD towers and filled them quickly. Midway through the freshman college year I bought another one the same height but unfortunately not the same design. After that I gave up on individual slots and picked up some plastic units that held 200 each (50 to a shelf, four shelves) that could be taken apart and rebuilt easily for moving.

In two years I'd outgrown them as well. I've long since stopped the annual doubling, and I haven't done an official count since 2001 (when last it was around 615 or so) but now I don't have them on anything at all but instead they are in three large boxes (and spread around the house also, one here and two there) in my living room (I'm working on shelves for them, really. Just not right now).

Anyway, tonight we watched United states of Leland, and a lot of the music in it sounded pretty familiar. Sticking with it to the end credits, I discovered that one of the tracks was "Undone" by Imperial teen. I'm pretty sure I own one of their albums, but I didn't know if the one I had was the one from which this song was taken, so I tried to find it. I couldn't in my couple minutes of quick scanning, but two hundred CD spines is a lot to look at, upside down no less, and it wasn't that important for me to find the disc. I can always look it up later.

While putting them back, though, I glanced past my small collection of Lightning seeds discs and recalled briefly my detective work on the song "You showed me".

You see, before I was a connoisseur of cover and remake songs I hadn't known about the Turtles' original of the song "You showed me", but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was listening to internet radio, via some service that has long since folded no doubt, when a couple seconds of a song triggered a memory of another one. The song I heard was "Turtle soup" by DJ Food. Every so often there was this orchestral bit that sounded just like a riff in a song used on the MTV show Daria. In the episode about (ironically named) Alternapalooza, the song "You showed me" was played long enough for me to evidently remember hearing it at least half a year later.

For that matter, I'm pretty amazed to be remembering all of this now, having all but forgotten it until tonight.

Even then I had the internet at my beck and call, and it wasn't long before I tracked down the Lightning seeds track. Moments later I had downloaded it (these were the days before Napster, so I likely found it with oth.net on an FTP site) and within a week or two I'd ordered or bought a used copy of the CD. It was another month or so before I went back online to figure out the meaning of the title of "Turtle soup", and then it was a matter of time before I cashed in on some coupon or other to get The Turtles present the battle of the bands from Music Boulevard or CDNow.

And that's my story. I hope you weren't expecting this to have a point. I just like to reminisce, even if it is over something so trivial as why I own a CD.

And in unrelated news, now I've done it. I beat X-com: UFO defense for something like the fifth time, and now that I've got that particular monkey off my back I can get back to the stuff that matters. Like the novel that I'm, oh, 48,000 words or so behind on writing.

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