28 December 2004

cursed bands and their common names

So today I was bouncing between so-called radio.blogs and I stumbled across a catchy track called "Perfect bore" by a band called Extra Extra. Oddly enough, the band doesn't seem to exist outside of a website and this one track that I streamed. As for Allmusic, Django's, Amazon and so forth: nobody's heard of the group. Apparently I have imagined them, or they are just really, really independent. Which is unfortunate, since their music is kinda catchy (though I know it's dangerous to judge based on a single song) and I'd like to find more.

Searching for them reminded me of my quest for more information about the britpop group Space. Talk about a common name. I have two of their albums, Spiders and Tin planet but neither is very recent and I am pretty sure they'd done something lately. As was the case with EE, the usual suspects turned up very little in the way of new music from them. However as I was traipsing around Times Square two weeks ago I bumbled into the massive (well, at least multi-story) Virgin Megastore, in which I discovered Space's Suburban rock 'n' roll in the imports bin. That's odd, I thought, I've never heard of this album, and apparently so had nobody else save for the store. Go figure.

So anybody with any better information about Extra Extra, please feel free to drop me a line. Anybody wanting to listen to them can drop by here and hear it with radio.blog's nifty little flash player, but I can't be sure how long it will stay in the playlist.

6 comments on cursed bands and their common names

  • 29 December 2004 @ 8:59am | Heep

    I just left a big comment, but your cursed website apparently didn't feel like being cooperative, so it just made it all disappear. Don't be surprised if this one and the old one end up showing up...

    Amazon France knows of them. Of course, their album is "indisponible." Their label, Future/NOW seems to be caught in domain registration Hades, and web searches on them only turn up mentions of them in articles.


  • 3 January 2005 @ 4:44pm | mikelietz

    Also, for the time being you can hear it at my so-called radio-blog.

  • 14 February 2005 @ 9:51am | Miss be

    I happen to be the singer μ you have my benediction!
    Another band you should check out ( also with me singing):
    And my own personal folk-rock-project is called belleclose...
    From Belgium with love,
    Catherine a.k.a. Miss be

  • 17 April 2005 @ 7:00am | Olivier

    Hi mikelietz.org

    I happen to be the writer of the music of Perfect Bore and the founder of EXTRA EXTRA! Well…, I would like to benefit from this opportunity to tell to miss be that she would have earn some well derseved money if she had the kindness to answer our phone and mail requests :-) Great artist she is though.
    Anyway fellows, thank to appreciate EXTRA EXTRA! Please feel free to visit our brand new site http://extraextra.org, which is a blog too. We put a list on line with all the good adresses to buy EXTRA music. About the Song and the clip, you can bootleg. If lady be said it…

  • 12 December 2006 @ 1:22pm | mikelietz

    That link doesn't work anymore, unless the band has decided to open some sort of community theater program.

    This one might: http://extraextra.org.free.fr/

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