17 April 2003

blogging can be contagious, I guess

Putting ketchup together (and keeping it up-to-date, so far) was as just fun as I'd thought... and different. My self-imposed rules dictated a distant and impersonal but just slightly colloquial style, meaning I didn't want to use too many "Me"s and "My"s and no "You"s at all.

While this writing style works for a catalog of bookmarks, it tends to limit the contents of the blog. I've had my 'hot thots' page for a long time, but that evolved (and plateau-ed) into a list of pseudo profundities and 'Confucius-say'-caliber comments. Again, not quite the forum for a diary-ish entry.

So, since I've already got a smokin' copy of Movable Type installed, I thought I'd just throw up a new blog for observations and rants. And to be clever, I named it "fine whine", obviously a pun—of sorts. Of course the couple is usually wine and cheese, but to be creative I'm going with 'ketchup' and 'fine whine'.

All of this rambling surely makes no sense to you. And did I mention I hardly ever use ketchup? And even more rarely drink wine?

But I've got a lot of bookmarks to go through to catch up, and even more whining that I can do.

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