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MTV is really starting to get insidious. There seems to be a new show ... undressed, which I think seems to be about high school or college-age kids, having lots and lots of sex.

They seem to be in collegeish situations, but others act like its highschool. In fact, all of them look like high-schoolers, at least the high-schoolers we see on TV. You know, the 27 year olds who are the teenagers of the media.

They look silly. Everybody looks the same age ... they seem to tell a difference merely by the stupidity of their hairdos and makeup.

Did I mention it's a lot about sex?

The highschoolers talk about sleeping with the all the football players. 8 month boyfriends are 'sexual dynamos'.

Webcams show off formerly repressed sex acts.

A game of truth or dare abong snobby girls produces a girl-girl french kiss.

What the hell is this?

It's on after midnight ... is this for teenagers? The people all look like teenagers. They don't talk like teenagers though, and they're certainly having more sex than teenagers ought to be.

Did I mention that even their makeup looks stupid? Maybe I'm just not with it anymore, but they look downright SILLY. I don't know if I'm just an old curmudgeon, or what, but frankly I find this whole thing disgusting.

I remember the days when MTV primarily showed videos. The members of the target audience for this show probably don't.

They do play snippets of songs during the shows. Sometimes they're recognizable. I'd rather they weren't.

Did I mention the show was incredibly lame?

There's a group of four 'evil' (read: bitchy, whiny and snobby) girls who meet as the 'fearsome foursome' sitting around trash-talking each other and badly acting.

Sock puppets and sex advice and aphrodisiacs and oversexed teenagers. Is this our future? Are these the kids who are inheriting society from us? The generation that took away my record stores, my internet chat rooms, my MTV?

I want my MTV.

I want it without the Backstreet Boys, without Britney Spears, without manufactured stars and fake implants (I want teenagers to have had a childhood, not starting to talk about sex and becoming stupid mass consumers before the age of twelve). I want MTV without The Real World, Road Rules, or this undressed drivel.

If it weren't for those damn kids ...

"Who cares about your stupid sweater ... you slept with my boyfriend!"

I can't believe I wasted two and a half hours today (25/11/1999) trying to figure out what to say about this show.

And you know, only twice did I hear the word 'love'. Sex, some 37 times.

Love, twice.

Oop, and the show has a co-ed bathroom. That's always a sign of trouble.

The one good line? "Love? Do you think you can just throw that word around like a frisbee?" And that's not saying much for the show.