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"Like a friend" by Pulp - from the 1998 soundtrack to Great expectations

This song. This Pulp song. I can't escape it.

I don't want to escape it.

I encountered this song first when seeing Alfonso Cuaron's Great Expectations (You know, the one with Ethan Hawke and Robert De Niro and Gwyneth Paltrow?) and it's haunted me ever since. The music in the commercials and the trailers (Mono's "Life in mono") caught my interest and the music in the movie, though not the film itself, kept my interest very much.

You see, in the film, the song highlights the scene wherein Hawke's Finn sketches (Gwyneth's) Estella's nude form, the sudden guitar crashing ("...just to do it, again...") just as she drops her panties and crescendoing in a fast-paced montage of body shots and sketches. It's a powerful scene, and personally, I can't stand Ms. Paltrow, to boot.

Since I saw that movie the first time (and the subsequent three more that weekend), the song has been with me since. I got the soundtrack and that is the track I'd play to motivate myself. To clean, to do homework, to get out of bed, I'd play it.

I couldn't stop it.

If they weren't so busy running the Dave Matthews Band into the ground, my dorm neighbors would've probably killed me for playing it so much (in 1998).

As an aside, the version on the soundtrack is different from the This Is Hardcore cut -- it rocks out a little more (in my opinion) during the bridge.

I can't get away from it. If I were a pro ballplayer, that's what I'd have them play as I approached the plate.

Anyway, I just picked up the laserdisc of the film and now I can listen to this in full DTS surround. It's Chapter 15, the first one on side B.

I just wish "Like a friend" were a little longer -- I can only clean so much in four minutes, you know.