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"Enough" by Gravity kills - from their eponymous Gravity kills

I love this song. It has a little bit of quite a few elements of music. It has a melody. It has harmony. It has vocals. It has instrumentation (particularly my favorite, strings). It has electronic effects and sampling. All in all, it's just a great song.

To be a little less vague, I'd like to tell you a little story. I wasn't always a great big fan of Gravity Kills. I knew of them from their earliest radio song, "Guilty", from my early radio-listening days (i.e. the middle to end of high school), but little else. In college, however, with the coupling of a fast internet connection and the wonderful mpeg-1 layer 3 audio compression scheme (better known as 'mp3'), I soon was the owner of a copy of their entire first album, un-presumptuously entitled Gravity Kills.

To further digress from the original story, let me tell you a little about my music-listening habits. Above all, I love listening to music. I listen to a great variety of music. To illustrate, I own a great number and variety of *compact discs*. However, the real gem of my music collection is on my computer hard drive. Therein I have the capability to listen to mp3 files, as many as the computer can handle. I'm no longer constrained by the 74-minute, (usually) 1-artist limitations of a CD. In my glory days (i.e., before *I was caught*) I had a collection of mp3 files that could be played continuously for over two days without repeating. What I loved was the ability to play them randomly. I could have a constantly changing yet cohesive music environment. Someday soon I hope to own a massive CD changer so I can duplicate this with my larger collection.

Anyway, that said, I had acquired Gravity Kills. I would occasionally pick up a song here or there wen I was listening to music; I don't think I ever listened to the whole 'album' all the way through. Initially it did not especially impress me. At one point I deleted all of the files to make room for others, and basically wrote off Gravity Kills for the time being.

Enter: me, later that year, at a 'CD Expo' in an Evanston hotel. I'm in a small ballroom, surrounded by tables full of CDs, at normal to reasonable prices, and lots of heavy metal. Sifting through the boxes I come up with little I feel like spending my hard-earned cash on, until I come across Gravity Kills and the (maxi-)single of "Guilty". Both are ten dollars, and without much documentation they're promotionals.

Ten dollars is a little out of my usual CD price range. Most of the discs in my collection cost between 33 cents and five bucks. Spending twenty bucks for two CDs seemed slightly outrageous.

However, I did not want to return to my dorm empty-handed. I was either to purchase these or continue my otherwise fruitless search forever. So I forked over my twenty and went home.

I listened to them. I re-evaluated, and rather liked them this time around. The more I listened, the more I liked. And with the single, I had nine different mixes of "Guilty" so I had a lot to like.

Fast forward again, to the last quarter of my freshman year. I'm in my friend Erika's room, glancing at the CDs she's borrowing from Carmelo. One of them strikes my eye, bright red with an interesting image and the words 'www.pitchshifter.com' on the cover.

I borrow it. I listen to it -- rather run-of-the-mill industrial/electronic, somewhat catchy. I put out some feelers on the internet, and amazingly enough come across a fellow selling his copy of the album at auction for six bucks. Unfortunately, the auction had just ended. So I email him and ask if he sold it.

He hadn't. So it was mine, for six bucks.

I broadened my search. I found out that Pitchshifter is coming, in concert, during the last week of school, to the same venue I had seen a great Rammstein show, along with Gravity Kills.

I share this with Erika, and also the Gravity Kills CD since she had never heard them. Knowing she loved Pitchshifter, I thought Gravity Kills were a shoo-in for her A-List.

I was right.

We went to the concert. We moshed. We had a great time. We saw one of the world's lamest opening acts, Junkie XL.

I came back with a greater liking for both bands, and a sampler cd from which I've picked up a couple other albums.

Anyway, somewhere in there I just picked up this great liking for the song, "Enough". It's really energetic. It seems orchestrated so well. It's put together of so many diverse elements yet is definitely one great song.

I'd almost go as far as to say it's my favorite song (as of 16 August 1998). Almost.