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"Come with me" by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page, from the Godzilla soundtrack album

I'd written about this song before today (16 August 1998) in another rant [yet to be republished -Ed]. There was an error there, though. The riffs I like are actually lifted from a classic Led Zeppelin song, Kashmir, not one by Rush as I had originally thought. It's hard to tell sometimes when you've only heard them on the radio, a long time ago. The fact that the song features Jimmy Page, and not a member of Rush was also somewhat of a tip-off.

I just like this song. It's an angry song, and the instrumentation supports the song-and the rapper's-tone. The video is well made and visually quite good.

The fact that this is a rap song that I enjoy intrigues me. I don't seem to find many popular rap songs enjoyable, much less those that come out of the Puffy camp. Not to say that I hate rap, but I don't especially like it either. I can see the appeal, just not feel it.


"Intergalactic" by the Beastie boys, from Hello nasty

is a good one too. The Beastie Boys always impressed me as having an unusual amount of stage presence, and staying power, in the unlikely role of white rappers. This song, off their latest album, is a pretty good song, not that I understand what they're saying, just how it sounds. Also, again, the video is great . a send-up of the big-monster-versus-big-robot genre. The video's cool, the robot's voice is cool, and it's got that whole cool-in-general thing going for it. And the rest of the album is pretty good too.