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"Belong" by R.E.M. - from Out of time

This is a nice, happy song. I was reminded of it today (16/07/1998) as I was listening to a random track (I only use the word since that's the name Panasonic gave to the play setting) off of the Dambuilders' Ruby red. All of a sudden I heard a distorted voice against some other music, and struggled to remember what album of mine it was on, or which library had the CD so I could check it out. I needed to hear that song, and I needed to hear it right away.

Fortunately, within minutes I was able to recall where I had last heard it, and soon I was spinning Out of Time, again on random, since I only knew which songs it wasn't. Coincidently, it was the first track the player picked.

I don't understand the song's vocals completely. I haven't concentrated and heard all of them, nor have I looked up the lyrics (I later looked them up, here they are). I like the song regardless. The guitar is really good, for the backup. The true focus of the song is the storyteller. He talks about a woman, a child, some creatures, the sea, and a bunch of stuff. He does it in such a compelling yet off-handed way that you feel immersed in the story, even if the narrator doesn't care. And it's punctuated by the chorus, a harmonic, upbeat happy vocal humming.

That's about it, really. It's just a cool song, almost trip-hop-esque in its mellow-ish vocals over a good background way, and yet it remains a distinct R.E.M. song. It's just good.