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Songs that rock

Someday I'm going to have a jukebox. It might be in my den or in my car, but wherever it ends up, it'll have a massive selection of songs. Most of them will be recognizable to most people, but mere recognition isn't enough to get put on the playlist. These are the songs that really stand out, mixed in with ones that mean something to me and the songs that just demand to be played every now and then. It's mainly just a list of such hits, though the underlined titles are linked to something I've written about them.

Oddly enough, they aren't yet all on my mp3 player, let alone as a playlist.

  • Frente!: "Open up your heart and let the sunshine in" (1995) Saturday morning: Cartoons' greatest hits
  • Beatles: "In my life" (1965) Rubber soul
  • R.E.M.: "Belong" (1991) Out of time
  • Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page: "Come with me" (1998) Godzilla: the album
  • Gravity kills: "Enough" (1996) Gravity kills
  • Frank Sinatra: "That's life" (1966) That's life
  • Beastie boys: "Intergalactic" (1998) Hello nasty
  • Aimee Mann: "Nobody does it better" (1997) Shaken & stirred
  • Pulp: "Like a friend" (1998) Great expectations
  • Butthole surfers: "Pepper" (1996) Electriclarryland
  • David Bowie: "The man who sold the world" (1970) The man who sold the world
  • $10,000 gold chain: "Oh! Sweet nuthin'" (1996) The cable guy
  • Juno reactor: "Pistolero" (2000) Shango
  • Stranglers: "Golden brown" (1981) La folie
  • Depeche mode: "The dead of night" (2001) Exciter
  • Belle and Sebastian: "Dog on wheels" (1997) Dog on wheels
  • Alpinestars (with Brian Molko): "Carbon kid" (2002) White noise
  • Vast: "Blue" (2001) Music for people
  • Cardigans: "You're the storm" (2003) Long gone before daylight
  • Pepe Deluxé: "Everybody pass me by" (2003) Holes
  • Stranglers: "Golden brown" (1981) La folie
  • Morcheeba: "Rome wasn't built in a day" (2000) Fragments of freedom
  • A-ha: "Velvet" (2000) Minor earth major sky
  • Soul coughing: "Bus to Beelzebub" (1994) Ruby vroom
  • Spacehog: "To be a millionaire... was it likely?" (1995) Resident alien
  • Marcy Playground: "Poppies" (1997) Marcy Playground
  • Starsailor: "Bring my love" (2004) Silence is easy
  • Eels: "That's not really funny" (2002) Souljacker
  • Extra extra: "Perfect bore" (2003) We're not that stupid
  • Faint: "Let the poison spill from your throat" (2001) Danse macabre
  • Hooverphonic: "You hurt me" (2005) No more sweet music
  • Of Montreal: "The repudiated immortals" (2005) The Sunlandic twins
  • Beatles: "Octopus's garden" (1969) Abbey Road
  • Satellite party: "Woman in the window" (2007) Ultra payloaded
  • Chemical brothers: "Freak of the week" (2000) Music:response
  • Madness: "House of fun" (1982) House of fun