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They say numbers never lie.

So I watched High Fidelity today (28/03/2000). It was a really good movie (which has only made me want to get into vinyl more than before), sweetened only by the fact that it was free and everybody got lots of booty after it. One item in the vast plunder was a plastic cup.

Lots of promotional events lately have distributed screen-printed plastic cups. What set this group apart, however, was a molded number on the inside of the cups. I looked into one of mine and found a three. Then I found a twelve.

That's odd.

So I went back over to the table with the sea of cups, intent on building a set of consecutive numbers or matching ones or something like that. Seeing as seeing the numbers took a trick of the light and a sharp eye, a lot of people though I was crazy.

First I looked for a seventeen. Why seventeen? It's my arbitrary number of preference.

Can you prefer an arbitrary number? Hmmm...

Anyway, the numbers at the bottoms of the cups only went up to sixteen, so I had to settle with twelves, my cosolation number. I'd been a lot of twelves in my life ... for example, in grade school my last name put me smack dab in the middle of my classes, always hovering around the twelve spot.

So now I've got a set of plastic cups that all say twelve in the bottom, which nobody will ever look at or care about, except maybe me. Oh well.