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regarding transitions, part 1

Transitions. Without them, all of the before and afters make no sense. At least that's what I tell Jessica when I try to edit them into her papers. As though the accepted rules governing a sixth-grade reading level's writing style applied equally to college professors and graduate students.

Admittedly, we could get along pretty much fine without them, but more than just the old copy-editor in me wants to defend them. Take these two sentences for example: Tonight (22/03/2001) I nearly ran out of toilet paper. I have toilet paper again. I know it's a crude example, but it gets the job done. It takes a little thinking, but then the meaning becomes mostly clear. But with transitions added, the truth becomes incredibly apparent. Let's put the transition clause back in: Tonight I nearly ran out of toilet paper. Venturing into my long closet with a broomstick, I managed to spear a roll from the back, and now I have toilet paper again. Which leads me to my next point: I'm scared shitless. It's apparent that I'm up for another transition soon (okay, in a year) and, well, that scares me shitless.

You see, I'm not too good at making transitions. For the time being we'll examine levels of schooling. I was in brivate school from preschool until eighth grade--except for my brief stint at the YMCA for a second year of pre-kindergarten--and I was expecting public high school to be a haven of evil and nasty things. I wasn't looking forward to it, but the laws being what they were I had little choice in the matter. So I made it to high school and made a small group of friends. I had a relatively easy time of it, and generally found it to have been an easy transition to make. Apprehensive foreboding met me on the way to college, and once there I found out that I wasn't nearly as good at college as I had been at high school. In fact, I found myself on academic probation (and probably should've been failed out) and without any good experience to learn from or improve upon. Eventually I did start passing a majority of my classes, and generally found my life to at a point where I feel comfortable and happy about how and what I'm doing. However, college does not last forever, and faced with barely a year left I'm not looking forward to making the transition out of education altogether and into the real world. Will it be another high school-esque transition, or am I looking at another rocky college-like start?

I'm faced with an important decision: what do I want to do with myself? From that all the others--where, when, how--should follow and I'd be okay, but that 'what' really gets me. I'm not even going to try and tackle the 'why' until it's long since over.

If I had to speculate, I'd say I'm in trouble in that this is a time when nobody else says what I should do. I don't really have a set palette of options from which to choose and I'm not even sure where to start in assembling one.

But I've got lots of toilet paper, at least.