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oh, crap

They say human life revolves around the refrigerator.

(They also say that if you hold your face that way too long, it'll freeze that way.)

I say it revolves around the toilet.

C'mon, you know yours does.

Mine has lately. But I have no ordinary toilet, mind you. Mine is a 'special' toilet, seemingly designed for my listening pleasure.

It makes noises.

To quote (myself):

"Then when I walked away I heard 'tinkle tinkle tinkle', and when I looked down, it wasn't me"
--me, on the toilet overflowing

This was a couple days ago (~23/06/1998). Since then the tinklin' tuba has been silenced -- due, of course, to my intrepid grandfather and his plunger, ever vigilant and at the ready for plumbing problems -- but tonight another noise emerged from my most unusual urn.

A plop and a clink.

A dime had fallen out of my pants and into the dumper.

Should I reach for it? Or should I let my $.10 go?

(By now you're probably asking how a coin got into my underpants. Here's how it happened. I had been sitting in a LA-Z-BOY in my usual, laid-back fashion, when upon my arising I felt a strange sensation--a penny falling down my pantleg. Having no holes in my pockets, this naturally sent me a curve. Until I realized that the change from my pockets had worked its way from my pockets to the seat, and then to my waistband. As soon as I stood, it slid into my pants. Slick, no? And why am I telling you this? Because it struck me as odd.)

So I flushed it a couple times, and grabbed my dime. And washed my hands.