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Hi. My name is Mike, and I like to lick stamps.

There. I've said it.

Please don't think badly of me. I don't resent my hobby. It's a lot less trouble than my previous stamp-related hobby,collecting them.

With collecting stamps, one has to keep track of years, denomination, rarities, cancellations, and so on and so forth, and then you have to out where to put them. I know I was an incredibly impatient philatelist. All I really wanted to do was lick the stamps, or, since that wasn't really feasible, lick the little sticky hinge things that hold the stamps in the album.

So I gave up the collecting part, and now I just lick them.

I've also recently (~05/05/1999) discovered how tasty Hallmark's greeting card envelopes are. Talk about gourmet cuisine! Those things use some of the best glue that has ever crossed my tastebuds.