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the number of the beast?

While we're on the subject of religion, I've been reading another one of those spooky books again (I managed to cover the first 190 pages today -- 24/08/1998) and I think this one might get to me.

It's called WHEN YOUR MONEY FAILS..., and, while you can't see it here, there are little sixes in those three dots.

Yup, it's all about the number 666 and how it pertains to the end of the world. The book is very interesting. It was published in 1981, so many of its prophesies, such as the probable beginning of WW III in August of 1985, are off, and it doesn't even get into the nineties much at all, and dwells on Kissinger (The letters of whose name, given certain numeric values, add up to 666!!!) too much, it's informative. I know what to watch for.

Russia spreading Communism to the Middle East.


Another thing I read today talked about them allying with Iran, so maybe the idea's right, it's just the ideology that's a little off.

Anyway, that's not what's spooky. The book has a chapter full of 666 references such as credit cards, shirt labels, tax forms, and check stubs. I was surprised it doesn't have the controversial Proctor 'n' Gamble man-in-the-moon whose curls formed many times the number of the Beast. One graphic it did have was this:

picture of three intertwined 

which is three intertwined sixes, which the author showed on government paperwork.

I was watching Leno, and right behind his guest I saw those curls, lit up in neon, upside down.

I am not making this up.

I went upstairs, and checked my paycheck stubs. No sixes in a row.


However, I'm still spooked. I know that now I'll be looking for those sixes, and now that I'm looking I'm sure to start seeing them more (such as the not infrequent check total at Arthur Treacher's of $6.66!!) which will spook me more and more.

Or I'll just forget about it altogether.

Religion. Hmph.