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locked out, boo hoo

First of all, let me offer you a word of advice. Never, ever, ever, lock your keys in your dorm room.

That said, I'd like to tell you about my excitement for today (08/02/1999). I was leaving to go shopping when I reached down for a pen. Much to my suprise, not only was my pen not there, but neither were my keys.

I had locked myself out of the room.

Now, this wouldn't be a big deal back when I lived in the bigger dorm. It's easy to get back in there, and relatively simple to get past even some of the locked doors. There are enough people around to not have to worry.

Not so here in my new dorm. I seem to keep a different schedule than the other residents and we don't coincide much as far as getting in and out goes.

So basically, I had to get my keys back, and quick.

So what did I do? I broke into my room.

It was pretty easy, actually -- it's a little disturbing to realize that anyone with a phillip's head screwdriver and a pocket comb can get into my dorm room. I'm not going to go into any more detail than that, of course; please don't try to figure it out yourself.

And people ask me why I carry my multi-tool. Pshaw.