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The one about friends

Today (19/07/2002) I realized the true nature of friendship. My friend Ray explained the reason he couldn't watch The Royal Tenenbaums again: it had developed the veneer of the fantastic movie that one wants to only remember, with fondness and not verification.

His reasoning paralleled musings I've had, but his version far blew mine out of the water, and I realized that he is rather much smarter than me. Then last week I spent a couple car rides with high school pal Paul and those hours only confirmed the suspicions I'd harbored for years: he too is brilliant and far beyond my intellectual capacities, at least for light conversations about the derivations of the Gospels and toenail clippings.

These two are by far not the exception but the rule, as all of my friends are greater than I am. This, then is the nature of friendship, as I know that they are all better than me, but still tolerate and cherish my company. And doubtless every one of them thinks the very same of me in turn.