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I'm sitting in my ECE B30 class, 'learning' C++. Today (18/01/1999) I am sitting in the front row -- a rare occurrence for me, especially in this class.

Don't get me wrong. I don't sleep in class everyday.

Like I said, we're learning C++, and right now (and I hope only right now) the class is moving at a skull-numbingly pedantic rate. I know I'm no coding whiz, but this programming stuff comes pretty easy to me. I have taken three lines of notes for as many weeks.

Anyway, had I been sitting in the back, I may have had my head down by now.

As I did a week ago. When I awoke that time, though, I had a new sensation. Not only had I fallen asleep, but I had been sleeping on my hand. So it was asleep too.

But that's pretty normal. I've had both legs fall asleep at the same time.

That was very interesting.

But even more so was this new feeling I had a week ago, a tingling in my forehead.

My right eyebrow had fallen asleep!