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Mmm, candy.

I suppose the manner in which I eat certian candies is a little different, perhaps even strange. Take M&Ms for example: when I eat a bag of M&Ms I sort them by color and eat the smallest groups first. Most of the time this means I eat the orange ones, then the red ones, the green ones and then the blue ones, and then I'm left with a whole bunch of browns and a burgeoning bellyache. I couch it in pseudo-Darwinian terms and say it's weeding out the "weaker" colors or something like that. Then again, color means nothing with M&Ms.

However, the makers of Skittles and Runts strive to have different flavors to complement their various colors (and even shapes, for Runts). My approach then becomes not eating the smallest gorups first, but the flavors I like least. Inevitably then the greens are the first to go with either, then the yellow Skittles, then the oranges. I save the reds, pinks, "grape" Skittles and "banana" Runts for last since they're my favorites. Then I eat them, usually savoring them two flavors at a time. The weird thing is, if I ate them first, they'd likely taste even better, I think, since I'd be more hungry earlier on. You know how the first candies taste better than the last, of course.

This is just something that came to me today (02/11/2001).

I really hope you weren't expecting this to lead to anything.