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the whole shebang

The whole what??

The whole shebang: it's everything.

Or at least it was, until I discovered blogging software. Now that I have fine whine I don't need to hand-write things like these pseudo-journal entries. I'm keeping them here, and the old information below, for the sake of, well, history and stuff. Someday I might just add them in as old, backdated entries to get them out of their messily-coded (X)HTML and into the wonderful database with the rest of my date-specific writings.

This is the section of my website that's gotten the most content written for lately: I haven't thought up anything remotely funny since high school, and there's not too much else on this site.

This is the easiest content to write: All I need to do is focus my rambling for a little while and add XHTML tags. Naturally, a little something of everything is here: hence the name, the whole shebang.

The name came to me in the form of a recurrently annoying yet catchy song from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack called, oddly enough, "The whole shebang". It's been in my head enough lately that naming part of my website after it doesn't sound nearly as silly as it should.

So it goes.