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the whole shebang

The whole shebang: it's everything. What more could you want?

Bear in mind that very little of this is meant to be funny or interesting. This pages are for me more than for you, but hey, who knows what you're willing to read?

This section of my site was largely superseded in 2003, or so, by fine whine.

about     : About this section.
winner!   : How I beat (got?) the Winter Blues.
slurp!    : I've got some simple hobbies.
lockedout : Ah, one of the joys of dorm life!
eyezzz... : Engineering classes are so fun!
activ mind: The curse of an active mind.
uno       : Who says it's just for kids?
tinkle    : A quickie about my toilet.
sixsixsix : Some thoughts are evil.
religion  : Some thoughts about religion.
ducttape  : Quick duct tape advice.
eatcandy  : On the eating of M&Ms, Skittles and Runts.
transits-1: Regarding life's transitions, toilet paper and the like. Part 1.
odd dream : A long-winded, barely coherent account of a weird dream.
friends   : A lengthy thot about friendship.
imagine   : A new kind of imagination?
dream02   : Another dream.
twelves   : OCD symptoms?