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older stuff

I'll admit it up front - I hate to get rid of old stuff, even if I'm not doing anything with it any longer. While this leads to cluttered rooms in my house, there's little downside to the same thing online, other than perhaps shame and embarrassment. Below are links to the major sections of this site, and in fact some of them date to its previous incarnations (one of which was the ever-so-humbly named "Page of Original Content").

songs that rock logo

Songs that rock was a list of songs that I think, well, rock, sometimes with an anecdote or excuse why I thought so. See Pulp's "Like a friend", for example.

It's entirely possible that this will someday be a playlist, not just a list. And I do occasionally add an outstanding or interesting track to the list, too.

et cetera logo

Et cetera contained the most mixed content of all, comprising everything from a dessert recipe to a country music song (or at least its lyrics).

I still derive enjoyment from the random band name generator, but that's just me.

the whole shebang logo

The whole shebang contained a few entries of an online diary, many written back in the days when there weren't simple programs to create such things easily. Every now and then I uncover another one scribbled on the back of a page of class notes, but there aren't nearly as many of these as I'd like there to be.

I should've written more of them, as some of them (like my strangest dream still make me laugh--and wonder).

vent logo

Vent was surprisingly probably the least-updated section of my site, surprising because it was where I meant to put my strongest opinions and the like. Nowadays these would be nearly ordinary blog entries, but at the time I thought something like this was really out there.

More amusing is that I honestly thought such a section warranted a disclaimer. The fact that the logo contains my long-abandoned dynamic domain name is a testament to just how long I'd let these pages go unmaintained.

works logo

Works was a large repository of papers I'd written for high school and college assignments, either for classes or the newspapers. Also included are my poems from more or less the same time period.

I have a great many things still to add to this section, and I intend to do so if for no other reason to finally be able to recycle the paper on which they're written.

back burner logo

The back burner was aptly named, as it was where I had stored pages and projects that often weren't even half-finished. It was also a holding pen for pages that didn't quite warrant their own directory (such as the sizable email archive).

Of course this even wasn't a complete look at all of the stuff I'd ever shelved, just a few bits and pieces of things I'd been able to slap some HTML across.