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lyrics to a country song

Here, for your enjoyment, are the lyrics for my first ever country song.

"Next time you leave me"

First time that you left me
darndest thing I'ver saw
when you came back
with my mother-in-law

You brought back my old pickup
with my dog in the bed
gave me my rifle
pointed square at my head

You came crawling back
like I knew you would
but next time you leave me
I'm leaving you for good

You said I was drinking
at the bar way too late
yelled, 'honey it's over!'
but you were back by eight

When I go out hunting
and bring back a deer
I have to wonder
if you'll still be here

You'll come crawling back
sure as I'd bet money
but next time you leave me
I'm leaving you, honey

We never go dancing
it gets me down
when I want romancing
you're clear across town

I get fed up with you
since you're never here
on your way back, woman
please get me some beer

But it doesn't matter
last time was the worst
Next time that you leave me
I'm gonna le-eave you first.

Thank you very much

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