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Customized Greasemonkey script for the Columbus Library

What does it do?

Using Firefox and Greasemonkey, this script automatically fills in all of your information for reserving items and checking your account with the the Columbus (Ohio) Metropolitan Library. It works for one card or more, as long as they all have the same PIN.

Step 0: Get Greasemonkey

If you don't already have the Greasemonkey addon for Firefox, get it here. If you don't already have Firefox, get it here. With both installed you can proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: Tell us a little about you

Fill these in, just as you would on the library's site. Don't worry if you only have one library card number - the other boxes are for people like me who use the reserve slots of spouses and children to maximize potential borrowing.


Step 2: Generate your script

Click to generate. This step should be instantaneous.

Step 3: Install your script

Generate your script before you install it. You should have the option to view it before it is installed.

Step 4: Check it out

You haven't installed it yet. Once you do, you can go over to the Library Catalog and try it out.

Supported versions

I've tested these under Firefox 1.5.1 and with Greasemonkey 0.6.4 and 0.6.7 in Windows and Linux. I don't know if the library has version numbers for the site, but the script works right now, at least.


Questions and Comments

should be directed to me via my contact page.


You are trusting me with your library card number and PIN, which means I could reserve things with and check materials out on your card. I assure you I will not do this, and moreover I cannot. The numbers are not saved, and files you download are created in memory only. They are not saved, so if you need to reinstall them you will need to come back to this page and re-generate them. Once again, I do not collect the numbers and will not do anything to compromise your undoubtedly sterling reputation with the Columbus Metropolitan Library, with whom I have no relationship other than borrower. They do not endorse the use of these scripts, and probably don't know they exist. Use is solely at your own risk. I cannot be responsible for, or even imagine, any losses or damages resulting from the use of the files generated here.