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a bored student's story

I'd like to tell you a story. The story of a bored freshman engineering student faced with homework to do. Homework due the next day, in fact. What did this student do, you may ask, did he do his homework?

Of course not.

Instead, he searched the Internet for the homepage of Matlab (www.mathworks.com), a software program he and his class use for Engineering Analysis, found the title image, acquired an image of Bob Hope, combined them, ...and the rest is history.

I am that engineering student. That was my story. It's Tuesday, 04/11/1997 3:19:13 AM, and I still have an Interpersonal Communication paper to write. I'd better get started ...

Yeah, right.

Obviously this is very old, and just about the definition of "You had to be there". I think I've found that IPC paper, though, and it's a little more readable. Someday I'll put that up here too.